Checkout what @TheSocialSauce is all about. What do you think? #anotheridea #problemsolving #loveit #signup #coupons #discounts #sport #music #festivals #tickets #tv

Checkout what @TheSocialSauce is all about. What do you think? #anotheridea #problemsolving #loveit #signup #coupons #discounts #sport #music #festivals #tickets #tv

Very Inspirational Man!

This man has done what most people don’t even try and he was born with no arms and no legs.

Dewalio So Far

Things are going awesomely with Dewalio Clothing Co. so far. Got the first batch of tees in, and got lots of people complimenting them. Got tonnes of pre-orders for the Dewalio Wayfarers, and the Snapbacks. Wristbands have also been a great hit so far in the schools.

I was a bit worried for the first week, when we had very few orders. But now that people have seen what we’re about and what we have coming, I think people are starting to really back us. It is great, and it feels awesome!

Making a difference thru fashion

This awesome new brand needs to get to 1,000 likes for it to open to the public. Help them out, they will be helping everyone out once they’re open!!

AWESOME IDEA - One Egg, One World.

AWESOME IDEA - One Egg, One World

Think yourself lucky.

Number of children in the world
2.2 billion
Number in poverty
1 billion (every second child)


Less than one per cent of what the world spends every year on weapons was needed to put every child into school by the year 2000, and yet it didn’t happen.

40 Hour Famine-24 Hours in

Make a difference and please donate. Sponsor me here. 

Just over 24 hours without any food. If this is how millions of people are living their lives feeling around the globe, something needs to change. Until you test yourself like this you do not realise.

For us it takes motivation and perseverance to push through this challenge. For them, they have no choice, it is just the way it is, this is how they live. Yeah, some people would say that they are used to it now, but if these masses of people weren’t malnourished everyday, imagine how much better they would feel.

Seeing people eating freely while I am holding back, knowing why I am doing this, really points out the need for change. People should not have to feel like this their whole lives.

Make a difference and please donate. Sponsor me here. 

40 Hour Famine

4 hours into the 40hr Famine, so one tenth of the way- (or one twelfth for me). Giving up food so far is not too bad yet, although I think tomorrow will be a different story.

This experience is just a minute taste of what millions are living their lives like all over the globe. If not anything else this should motivate and encourage you to take a serious look at the food we are eating and the food we waste. Food wastage is a huge problem in all houses, and especially in the hospitality industry. We need to put ourselves into perspective with others who would do anything to be in our position, and take responsibility for the actions that will affect the world around us.

If you are doing the 40hr Famine, good luck and well done!! If not, I encourage you to next time, and donate to this great cause. 

Make a difference - Be Useful

What is your purpose?

An “unemployed” existence is a worse negation of life than death itself.

José Ortega y Gasset

We must generate courage equal to the size of the difficulties we face.

Dalai Lama

a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.

Nelson Mandela